Lambda Literary Award Finalist

These never-before published poems, hailed by former Poet Laureates Bill Stafford and Josephine Jacobsen, are for people "who don't usually read poetry."

"Snapshots from a life in progress, these wonderful poems speak bravely about our own occasions of joy, loss, and remembrance. There is less sadness here than one might expect. The pleasure of these lines comes from a deeper place. Such wisdom reflects its own remarkable light."
- Mark Thompson, author of Gay Spirit: Myth and Meaning.

Krandall Kraus' The Christmas Poems collects all Kraus' Christmas poems written and sent to friends each year since 1976.

Kraus, a Lambda Literary Award winner, has also been a Borestone poet and second prize winner of the Raymond Carver International Short Story Competition.

The Christmas Poems contains not only two and a half decades of Christmas poems, but Kraus has written a notation for each one, elaborating on the poem and how it reflects what was happening to him the year the poem was written. In many ways, it could be considered a memoir in poetry.

The poems chronicle the poet's inner journey and the way in which he faced and dealt with new love, the loss of friends, a growing spiritual and emotional awareness, and the meaning of the Christmas story in a modern world.

This handsome edition is seven inches square and the cover includes a very Zen-like pine tree painted by his partner of eleven years, Paul A. Borja, with whom Kraus shared the 2000 Lambda Literary Award for their book, It's Never About What It's About: What We Learned About Living While Waiting To Die.


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John "Jack" Quincy Adams grew up in Midland, Texas with a crush on Laura Welch. But Jack went into the Secret Service and Laura married a wealthy Texas playboy. Jack soared in the Service, becoming "One", the agent assigned to protect the president. First George H. W. Bush, then Bill Clinton, and now his former sweetheart's husband, George W. Bush. Jack has twins: a single-parent daughter and a gay son with a family. Soon Jack is tortured by what he observes: Laura trapped in a life she hates; gay people like his son Quincy and his family scapegoated to distract from the war in Iraq; the country on an economic downward spiral. As a true conservative patriot, a man in love and sworn to protect the Constitution and the people of the United States, Jack realizes the fate of everyone he loves is in his hands. There is only one course possible - assassinate the president.

Kraus, a Lambda Literary Award winner, has also been a Borestone poet and second prize winner of the Raymond Carver International Short Story Competition.

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Winner 2001 Lambda Literary Award for Erotica

Literotica for the Satirically Bent

High brow, low brow, no brow, unibrow. This book of smart and sexy smut has fifteen tales certain to arouse anyone who is queer in the head.

Like "Walt," the story of a boy and his Whitman-quoting Bear. Or "The One, True Lord of the Dance," where national gay moralist, Michael A. Corrigan, meets the man of his dreams at a circuit party and spends the whole evening begging to bareback.

In "The Color Khaki," a revered and feared Black leatherdaddy lets his secret passion for preppy clothes . . . and boys . . . come out of the closet. While "Memento Mori" tells of Dr. Julian Gibbon, a surgeon and sadist dying of cancer, who gives his beloved boy an anniversary gift he'll never forget.

And for those who like their porn served up surreal, there are these two favorites: "Sheldon Smalley Meets His Satan" and "The Devil and Mrs. Faust."

Whew. That's just six of the stories--there are nine other blaspheous beauties that you're going to have to buy the book to find out about.

"These are some of the funniest pieces about queer sex and politics that I have ever read." - Patrick Califia, author of the classics Macho Slutsand Public Sex, from his foreword


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The Firebrat

Nominated for the Violet Quill Award!

David McConnell's debut literary novel, The Firebrat, follows Elliott, the novel's protagonist, as he tries to come to terms with his rapidly changing life. It is time for Elliott to grow up, in spite of his all-out effort to have the world "his way". He must find a way to integrate into his life a host of verities: the disappointment of his love interest's outrage when Elliott writes a short story that not only outs him, but paints him as self-absorbed; the slow, agonizing (and irritating) death of his best friend (his only friend) Charlie; the sale and dismantling of his childhood Shangri-La—his grandmother's sprawling estate, Skylands; the inescapable truth that his literary hero is not all Elliott has made him out to be; and, finally, the shocking outcome of his infatuation with learning to fly. Elliott is running out of charm and his denial is being quickly eroded by those around him. All that's left is Elliott's spoiled, petulant, witty, intelligent, and highly amusing persona. But will that be enough to save him? Perhaps, perhaps not, but it is definitely enough to keep a reader turning pages far into the night.


David McConnell studied classics at Columbia University. He left without graduating to start a literary magazine, then a tabloid newspaper. He lived in Paris and Asbury Park, New Jersey, before returning to New York City. He taught elementary math at Riker's Island. His work has appeared in the James White Review, The Malahat Review, Shiny, and various anthologies. He writes regularly for the Lambda Book Report.


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M2M: New Literary Fiction

Lambda Literary Award Finalist

M2M: New Literary Fiction is an evocative and compelling new anthology brimming with exciting writers beginning to make their mark on the publishing landscape along with some of the most venerated, best-selling literary voices of our era. These short stories span a wide range of literary experiences.

This stimulating and provocative collection of short fiction is edited by Karl Woelz, Lambda Literary Award-winning co-editor of the now defunct Men On Men anthologies begun in the 1980s by the late George Stambolian.

In his challenging and persuasive Afterword, editor Woelz assesses in eloquent and riveting prose the "state of gay literature" in the United States today. He takes to task those he considers responsible for both the disturbing state of gay literary publishing and the plight of independent booksellers, and suggests a way each of us might contribute to changing things.


Karl Woelz is a recipient of both the Lambda Literary Award and the National Gay & Lesbian Press Association's Vice Versa Award. His short fiction, articles, and reviews have appeared in Best American Gay Fiction 2, Men on Men 6, Diversity & Social Work, The James White Review, Link, asspants, Cottonwood, The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, Lambda Book Report, The Baltimore City Paper, and The Baltimore Alternative. He is the co-editor of Dutton/Plume's Men on Men 2000: Best New Gay Fiction for the Millennium.

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Introduction Karl Woelz
Baked Alaska John Donahue
Skins Rakesh Satyal
All There Is Craig T. McWhorter
Sacajawea Trebor Healey
Fall Mitch Cullin
Give It Up for Billy Edmund White
That Boy This Day Daniel M. Jaffe
Jolly-Olly Petey Joe G. Hayes
Gorgon J.E. Robinson
Stigmata Greg Herren
An Encounter with the Sibyl Felice Picano
The Real, True Angel Robin Lippincott
Rabbit Chase Michael Carroll
Disability Vestal McIntyre
Japanese for Blurred Image Robert Williams
The Incontinents Andrew Holleran
The Wrong Kind of Queen W.C. Harris
Same Situation Paul Lisicky
To My Former Mother, Mrs. Callahan Tom House
Afterword Karl Woelz


Damron's first art book! Grace your coffee table with this hardcover, photograph-filled testament to Fire Island's legendary Belvedere mansion.

Damron's first coffee-table art book is a colorful photographic tour of the magnificent Belvedere Guest House in Cherry Grove on Fire Island. The beautiful pictures and the story behind the dream whisk the reader away to a time and place far removed from reality. (Hardcover)


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