Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What books do you publish?

A: We currently publish five titles: the Damron Men's Travel Guide, for gay men; Damron Women's Traveller, for lesbians; Damron City Guide, a full-color guide with maps of major cities and gay resort areas for men and women; Damron Accommodations, a full-color guide to gay-owned and gay-friendly accommodations; Damron Amsterdam, our newest city guide. Caveat emptor: some other guide books have similar names. Damron is the publisher of the original gay travel guides. If our name isn't on it, it's not a Damron guide.

Q: Where can I find a copy of your books?

A: Damron travel guides are available from lesbigay bookstores, some large chains like Borders and Barnes & Noble, some adult bookstores, and through our mail order department.

Q: I run a gay bookstore/retail store and I'd like to carry Damron guides. Where can I order them?

A: Damron guides are distributed by SCB. Contact them for information & wholesale pricing:
SCB 800/729-6423.

Q: Why don't you put maps in the Damron Men's Travel Guide?

A: Since the book is pocket-sized, the maps would be too small to read. If you are interested in a gay guide with maps of major cities and gay resorts, check out the Damron City Guide.

Q: I bought the Damron City Guide, and then discovered that Okefenokee isn't listed!

A: What, aren't there any queers there?!?
Because it is primarily a map guide, the Damron City Guide covers only major metropolitan areas and popular gay resort areas, 73 international cities altogether. (You can see a list of included cities here.) If you want listings for smaller towns, check out the Damron Men's Travel Guide or the Damron Women's Traveller.

Q: Do you have information for bisexuals? Transgendered people?

A: Yes. While there aren't many venues specifically for bisexuals or transgendered folks, we do list what information we have. If you know of a place that is bi-, and/or trans-friendly, please let us know!

Q: Can you recommend a gay hotel in Okefenokee?

A: No. Our editors aren't travel agents, so we really can't help you make your travel plans. Please call your local gay-friendly travel agent-you'll find listings in our books or in Damron Online.

Q: Why are there no cruisy areas listed in Okefenokee?

A: There are two possible reasons. 1) No one's ever told us about any. (Here's your chance!) 2) We've been asked by local gay groups to remove the areas due to police activity or anti-gay violence. If you want more, check out

Q: Why does it say "unconfirmed" after some of the listings?

A: This means that we were unable to contact the business during our yearly updates, but we suspect that they may still be in business. (We may have seen an advertisement or listing in a local paper, for example.) If we can't confirm a listing two years running, we delete it.


Q: Does it cost anything to get listed in your books?

A: No. Line listings are FREE. See below for details on requesting a listing. Paid display advertising (see below) is also available.

Q: What kinds of businesses do you list?

A: Our listings cover the following categories only:

  • info lines, and support/social groups
  • accommodations
  • bars/nightclubs
  • cafes and restaurants
  • bookstores & ragingly gay retail stores
  • spiritual groups
  • LGBT publications
  • gyms/health clubs
  • men's clubs (i.e. bathhouses, sex clubs, saunas)
  • sex clubs (women's or mixed gender playspaces)
  • erotica shops (adult bookstores and piercing parlors)
  • cruisy areas
  • websites (only online; not in printed books)
Q: What kinds of businesses don't you list?

A: We do not provide free listings to businesses that do not fit squarely into one of the categories listed above. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • massage therapists/bodyworkers
  • jewelers and other artists
  • accountants
  • attorneys and other business services
  • professional organizations
  • hair stylists/barbers
  • sex workers/escort services.
  • If you have this kind of business, you do have the option of purchasing display advertising in our books or on our website. Please call the advertising sales department at 800-462-6654 or 415-255-0404 for more information.
Q: I have a gay-friendly business I'd like you to list.

A: Our online listing request form can be filled out here or printed out and faxed or mailed to us. Please be sure to fill out the form as completely as possible. If you are the owner or manager of a gay-friendly accommodation, please fill out our online accommodations survey to receive your free listing in the Damron Accommodations guide.

Q: I'm interested in display (paid) advertising.

A: Call our office at 800-462-6654 or 415-255-0404 and ask to speak to someone in our advertising sales department.

Q: How do you get your information?

A: The main sources are 1) our readers 2) business owners 3) local gay publications and other media 4) on-the-spot research by one of our editors.

Q: How do you update your listings?

A: Our editors contact every single listing in our database annually, usually by phone or email. We also receive updated information directly from business owners and from our readers.

Q: What are the deadlines for updates?

A: Although we receive new and updated information year-round, in order for information to be included in our guides, we need to receive it well in advance of our publication dates. In general, we need to have information by April 1st of the preceding year for the Damron Men's Travel Guide and by May 1st for the Damron Women's Traveller. Our other books are not annuals, so the deadlines vary. Call us at for more specific info.

Q: I sent you information, but it didn't appear in the next edition. Why not?

A: There are several possible reasons. 1) The information you sent is not appropriate for our books. (See: What kinds of businesses do you list?) 2) We were unable to verify the information you sent. 3) The information was incomplete and we were unable to follow up on it. (Often, this means no phone number. We cannot list a business without a working phone number.) 4) We received the information too late to be included in the next edition. It will appear in the following year's edition.

Q: What's this I hear about a free online subscription?

A: That's right! If you're the first reader/surfer to send us new, verifiable information, and we don't already know about it, we'll give you a free subscription to our on-line publication Damron Online (i.e., searchable database!). Or, if you already subscribe, we'll give you a 3-month extension. Please read on, though, to avoid some common misconceptions about this offer.

Q: I sent you information and never received a free subscription. Why not?

A: Usually this is because we weren't able to use the information you sent. Please see: I sent you information, but it didn't appear online. Why not? for the most common reasons. There are several additional possibilities. 1) We already had the information you sent. Our editors do research year-round, so if the information you sent appeared in a local gay publication, chances are we already had it. 2) You didn't send us your name and contact information. (Hey, it happens!)

Q: I sent you information about a cruisy area at Okefenokee University, but you didn't list it. Why not?

A: Our policy is not to list private property in the cruisy areas section. This is for the safety of our readers as well as for our own legal protection. So you won't find listings for colleges, malls or public bathrooms, but you will find outdoor areas like parks or beaches.

Q: You used to list Murray's Piano Bar in Okefenokee. It's not in the latest edition of the guide, but I know it's still in business. What's up?

A: We phone every business in our books when preparing the new edition. If after several attempts to reach them we can't verify that the business is still there, we will either mark it "unconfirmed" (if we have reason to believe it might be there) or delete it (if we suspect it's closed). It could be that Murray never returned our calls, that he changed phone numbers and left no forwarding information, or, most likely, the phone rang off the hook at all hours. So tell Murray to get an answering machine, already!

Q: I stayed at Murray's Okefenokee B&B and it was a dump! He misrepresented the property and when I complained, he refused to give me a refund. How could you recommend a place like this to your readers?!

A: Mention of a business in a Damron printed publication or Damron Online does not constitute a recommendation. However, we always want to hear about your experiences, both positive and negative. Please send us a detailed letter or email us here describing your experience and include your email address or phone number so we can follow up with you. If Murray advertises with us, we'll contact him to discuss your complaint. (Note: This does not mean that we can get you a refund!) If we receive several complaints and determine that Murray runs his business in an unprofessional or unethical manner, we reserve the right tell him he can no longer advertise with us. If Murray just has a free listing, we may choose to remove the listing.

P.S. If you feel that you've been ripped off by any business and paid with a credit card, contact the card issuer to contest the charges. This is easier than most people think and can save you a lot of hassle and expense.


Q: How do I get a copy of your catalog?

A: Just click here, or call 800-462-6654 or 415-255-0404 and tell us that you'd like to receive a catalog. The catalog gives detailed information on the gay travel-related books that we sell. Most of the catalog is online, too, here. (Pssst: If you order our books through this website, you'll get a 20 percent discount off their cover price!)

Q: Are your catalogs and books sent discreetly?

A: Yes. catalogs are sent in plain white envelopes with our return address and nothing more. The catalog itself contains no sexually explicit photos. Books are mailed in US Priority Mail packaging.

Q: Do you sell your mailing list?

A: Occasionally, but only to gay-friendly companies and the rare non-profit. If you don't want your name to be sold, just ask, and we'll respect your wish. If you're a businessperson interested in renting the list, please call us at 800-462-6654 or 415-255-0404

Q: I left a message on the voicemail at your office, but I never got my catalog. What gives?

A: Take the following quiz: Has it been 2 weeks since you made your call? Did you leave your complete address, including zip code and any apartment or suite number, speaking slowly and clearly and spelling everything? If you answered yes to these questions, give us a call again. You can also download the catalog here.


Q: I placed an order online. Will I receive a confirmation by e-mail?

A: Yes, it will be sent to the email you include on the order form. If you have any questions about your order, call the mail order department at 800-462-6654 or 415-255-0404.

Q: I sent you an update 2 weeks ago and the database still shows the old info. What's up?

A: We receive scores of updates daily to our listings. Our editors must read through them all and verify the information (usually with a phone call). Once the update information is verified, the editor enters it into our database, then the webmaster uploads a new version of the database to our website around the first of each month. So, please be patient!

Q: How do I get to link to my website?

A: If you would like to pay for a guaranteed link, please call our office at 415-255-0404 or 800-462-6654 to find out more about this option.

Q: I'd like to link my site to

A: What a pal! If you're interested in using a logo or banner, you can find a selection of them right here.

Q: I'd like to get my business's banner into rotation on

A: Please call our office at 415-255-0404 or 800-462-6654 and ask to speak with Gina Gatta about banner advertising.


Q: I have a question about my subscription.

A: Please call us at 800-462-6654 or 415-255-0404.


Q: I just came out. Help!

A: Congratulations! Welcome to the family. We suggest that you check the Damron Men's Travel Guide or Damron Women's Traveller to find the closest Community Center or support group. Look under "Info Lines & Services". This is a non-threatening way to meet people and to get more information. Good luck!

Q: My kid (best friend, coworker) just came out. Help!

A: Congratulations! It's great that you're looking for information. The best resource for you is a group called "Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays," or P-FLAG. Good luck!

Q: Can you put me in touch with other guys in Okefenokee?

A: No, we don't run personal ads or arrange for penpals. However, most gay newspapers and many adult magazines have contact ads; check our "Publications" listings. Have a look at the "Info Lines & Services" section as well, for listings of support and social groups in your area. "Men's Services" lists some 900 numbers and chat lines for men that are primarily erotic. Gyms and churches/spiritual groups are also good places to meet other gay men and are a great alternative if you're not into the bar scene.


Q: Who was Bob Damron?

A: He was the founder of the Damron Company. Bob started publishing the original gay travel guide, Bob Damron's Men's Travel Guide, in 1964. He sold the company in the '80s, and died in 1989. If you're interested in a more detailed account of the Damron story, you can read more here.

Q: I'm a freelance writer (editor, web designer...). Are you hiring?

A: Send us your resume! Damron is always interested in new editorial talent and especially new web designers. When an editorial position becomes available, we usually list it with the Media Alliance's Job File, or on Craigslist.